This tool uses the maize Recombination Nodule map (Anderson et al. 2003 and 2004) to calculate approximate chromosomal positions for loci given a genetic map for a single chromosome. To run the calculator on your own machine, visit the download page.

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Maize Version 1.0 was reported in Lawrence et al. 2006, where information on the functionality and utility of the tool for maize is described.

Maize Version 2.0. The ability to translate from cytological to genetic maps has been added, the dataset for cytological coordinates has been increased in resolution (i.e., in Version 1.0 the Recombination Nodules dataset was only specific to a single cMC. Here the specificity has been increased to tenths of cMC, as reported in the Anderson et al. publications), and the "Genetic Map" dataset has been removed due to its inaccuracies at this level of resolution.

Maize Version 3.0 Includes visualization of the translation.

Tomato Alpha. This version is identical to Maize Version 2.0, but uses tomato data instead of maize!

Upcoming: Tomato chromosome images for the tomato translator, an improved method for scaling genetic outputs to integrate with existing genetic maps, and Morgan2McClintock for mouse!

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